Portugal is being added to the UK’s travel corridor list, meaning arrivals from the country will no longer have to quarantine, but Croatia, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago are being removed, it has been confirmed. As revealed earlier by the Guardian, UK government ministers including the transport secretary, Grant Shapps,Continue Reading

Thousands of people have gathered outside the state television station in Belarus demanding full coverage of protests against the disputed presidential election. Opposition supporters outside the building in Minsk held banners with signs saying “show people the truth”. Mass protests erupted after President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory inContinue Reading

Some 20,000 protesters have rallied, with many ignoring social distancing rules and labeling the pandemic a “false alarm.” A surge in cases has prompted calls for tougher measures against COVID-19 rule breakers. Despite infections soaring once again in Germany and fears of a potential second wave, tens of thousands ofContinue Reading