Ghana’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany is announcing resumption of normal operations from July 1, 2020. “Temperatures of all visitors, including consular applicants, will be checked before being allowed to enter the premises of the Mission. In that regard, persons whose temperatures will be observed to be higher than the acceptableContinue Reading

WASHINGTON – Germany passed an important milestone Tuesday: Its coronavirus reproduction rate fell below 1, it said.  Public health officials said that as of Tuesday, 100 infected people could now infect 94 others within 24 hours. At Monday’s rate, 100 people could infect 107 others, and on Sunday, 100 people could infect 113. But Germany still saw a spike of new COVID-19 cases Tuesday:Continue Reading

Every morning a white horse named Jenny is seen strolling freely through her Frankfurt neighborhood.   Her owners, Anna and Werner Weischedel, say the 25-year-old, free-roaming Arabian mare, is brightening up the coronavirus lockdown for many people in the Fechenheim area of Frankfurt-am-Main.   “She goes wherever she wants, she has no limits. She can travel further away than we can, because we have travel restrictions at the moment. Jenny has ‘Corona-Freedom’, everything is allowed,” WernerContinue Reading