Ghana’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany is announcing resumption of normal operations from July 1, 2020. “Temperatures of all visitors, including consular applicants, will be checked before being allowed to enter the premises of the Mission. In that regard, persons whose temperatures will be observed to be higher than the acceptableContinue Reading

Around the world, humans are struggling to ignore thousands of years of bio-social convention and avoid touching another. Shaking hands might be one of the hardest customs to lose in the post-pandemic world but there are alternatives, writes James Jeffrey. The humble handshake spans the mundane to the potent, rangingContinue Reading

WASHINGTON / PORT-AU-PRINCE – In the underprivileged Delmas 75 neighborhood of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, residents are keeping their hands clean and preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus thanks to a brand-new contraption, courtesy of teen inventor and recycler Wens Dimanche. The 18-year old, who received acclaim in Haiti inContinue Reading

There is a reason why humans are susceptible during disease outbreaks like that of Covid-19 – we keep touching our faces. Why, and what can we do about it? By Fernando Duarte 17th March 2020 Advertisement H Humans have a rather unusual habit we don’t share with many other animals,Continue Reading